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Health Clinic //

Over 38% of Irish people reported they have a chronic illness. Conditions such as hypertension, obesity, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes etc. are becoming more prevalent due to the poor lifestyle choices we make.

Barrow Clinic offer a wide range of services for those looking to lead a healthier life, whether it is screening for potential future illness or getting rid of already troublesome conditions.

With qualifications in health science, weight loss, nutrition, phytotherapy and exercise prescription, Barrow Clinic is well equipped to provide valuable information and a better standard of living on numerous illnesses and medical conditions.

Conditions Treated //


High Blood Cholesterol


Cardiovascular Disease

Type 2 Diabetes

Certain Respiratory Diseases

Certain Cancers

Specific Women's Problems

Osteoporosis & Osteopenia 

Specific Neurological Conditions

Specific Musculoskeletal Conditions

Services Offered //
Exercise Prescription
Health Screening
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