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Deep Tissue Massage //

Utilising specialised orthopaedic and myofascial release techniques in order to achieve an efficient and overall musculoskeletal balance. 

Pre-event, post-event and maintenance full body massage are available.

Barrow Clinic caters for both group & club memberships.

Types of Massage Available //
What to Expect? //

Sports Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Event Massage

Postural Correction Massage


Sinus Relief Massage

Holistic Massage

Indian Head Massage

Facial Massage

Muscle Energy Techniques

Treatment Sessions last approximately 45 minutes and cost €40. 

All sessions will include a full subjective and injury history assessment, followed by objective injury testing, treatments appropriate to the injury and finally aftercare advice including a home exercise and rehabilitation programme. 

Major health insurance providers offer reimbursement for many services, subject to individual plans.  

All therapists are fully qualified and registered members of governing bodies in Ireland and the UK.

For more information or to discuss bookings, contact Allison on 085 7306 808.

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