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Indian Head Massage //

Indian Head Massage has become popularised in the 1980's by Dr Narendra Mehta, an Indian Physical therapist who developed the techniques to include the back, neck, shoulders and face. Indian head massage therapy is often used as a holistic tool to help with stress relief and aid muscle related issues. 

All Barrow Clinic therapists are trained in Postgraduate studies of Indian Head Massage.

Benefits of Indian Head Massage //
What to Expect? //

Reduction of stress and anxiety

Enhanced sense of well-being

Improved circulation thus increasing nutrient delivery to the muscles

Improvements in the removal of waste products

Decreases in tension headaches

Improvements in muscle condition such as elasticity and tone

Treatment Sessions lasts approximately 45 minutes and costs €40.

Please note this treatment includes therapy to the face, scalp, neck and shoulders. All areas are optional and can be altered to suit each client. 

All therapists are fully qualified and registered members of governing bodies in Ireland and the UK.

For more information or to discuss bookings, contact Allison on 085 7306 808.

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