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Functional Movement Screening //

Functional movement screening is a new phenomenon which incorporates 7 functional tests. These tests identify an athletes’ area of weakness and those at a potential risk of injury. By identifying and correcting movement dysfunction, an athlete’s potential risk of injury can be greatly reduced and athletic performance enhanced.

This testing can be carried out in the pre-season, mid-season and/or post-season to monitor athlete progress throughout the entire competitive season.

Barrow Clinic caters for both group & club memberships.

Benefits of FMS //
What to Expect? //

Identifies individuals at risk for injury.


Allows the athlete to implement a corrective exercise strategy to improve or normalise functional movement patterns.


Provides a tool to monitor progress in dynamic or changing fitness programs.


Establishes a functional movement baseline for appropriate exercise programming.

Screening takes a minimum of 1 hour and costs €40.

Clients will be assessed for all of the major 7 functional movement tests.

Training Courses in Functional Movement Screening is also available.

Major health insurance providers offer reimbursement for many services, subject to individual plans.  

All therapists are fully qualified and registered members of governing bodies in Ireland and the UK.

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