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Injury Clinic //

A multitude of services are offered in our physical therapy and injury clinic, with top of the range equipment and competently qualified therapists (BSc., MSc.) optimal treatment is key to a fast and efficient recovery.

All individuals from children to elderly are catered for. Home visits and nursing home visits are available. Club memberships are offered at a discounted rate.

Each treatment session is specifically tailored towards the individuals' injury.

Major health insurance providers offer reimbursement for many services, subject to individual plans. 

Injuries Treated //

Back & Neck Pain

Tension Headaches

Hip & Knee Pain

Shoulder Pain

Ankle & Foot Pain

Muscle & Ligament Injury

Nerve Entrapment

Occupational Injury

Pre & Post Operative Care

Sporting Injury

Repetitive Strain & Overuse Injury


Arthritis & Joint Pain

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