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Fitness Clinic //

Barrow Clinic operates a Fitness and Athlete Speciality Clinic which aims to achieve all aspects of an athletes preparation and training by utilising a large range of assessment, advice and bodywork techniques.

Each session includes a full consultation, treatment and post-treatment advice.

Barrow Clinic Caters for individuals of all ages, health status, genders and fitness levels. Whether you are just beginning your fitness journey or are a seasoned athlete looking to improve performance we have the expertise to help you achieve your goal. 

Benefits of Fitness Clinic //


Identification of injury risks

Identification of underlying health conditions

Sports Specific Nutrition Expertise

Improvements in fitness

Quicker recovery from injuries

Pre-competition injury prevention

Improved mental well-being and confidence

Identification of strengths and weaknesses

More efficient progress monitoring

Improved motivation and exercise adherence

Services Offered //
Functional Movement Screening
Taping & Strapping
First Aid
Injury Screening
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