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Rehabilitation //

With a First Class Honours Degree in Sports Rehabilitation, Barrow Clinic offer top of the range specialised and individualised rehabilitation programmes for all sporting and occupational injuries.

Post-operative rehabilitation programmes, exercise adherence advice and exercise demonstrations are available.

Barrow Clinic caters for both group & club memberships.

Conditions Treated //
What to Expect? //

Post-Injury Rehabilitation

Post-Operative Rehabilitation


Exercise Prescription for Weight Loss

Exercise Prescription for Medical Conditions


Disease Prevention Exercise


Pregnancy Exercise Prescription 

Treatment Sessions last between 30 to 45 minutes and cost €40.

All sessions will include a full subjective and injury history assessment, followed by objective injury testing and finally a home exercise and rehabilitation programme.


Clients will be provided with a full bi-weekly programme with information on each exercise.

For more information or to discuss bookings, contact Allison on 085 7306 808.

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