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Baby Massage //

€10 per class
€35 per private session

Infant massage is an ancient tradition that has been practised for centuries in India, which has been rediscovered throughout the West. Clinical evidence shows that infant massage has positive effects for caregivers and infants and has an important impact on their development. It is through our senses that all human beings interact with their environment.

Emotionally massage will provide your baby with a sense of well-being and security and can communicate the love you feel for your child. Once you start to massage your baby you will begin to understand how important the sense of touch is to both you and your baby.

Benefits of Baby Massage //
What to Expect? //

Helps baby learn to relax

Helps relieve discomfort from gas, colic, congestion and teething

Strengthens the immune system

Promotes sounder and longer sleep

Promotes bonding and communication

Helps to regulate digestive, respiratory and circulatory system

Helps premature babies gain weight

Helps regulate breathing and relieve nasal congestion

Treatment Sessions last between 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

All sessions will include a full treatment by a qualified therapist. Baby massage classes involves parents conducting the massage under the guidance of an instructor. 

For details regarding class timetables and scheduling, contact the clinic directly.

All therapists are fully qualified and registered members of governing bodies in Ireland and the UK.

For more information or to discuss bookings, contact Allison on 085 7306 808.

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